Hey - thanks for stopping by!  I'm Steven - a multi-instrumentalist, recording artist, songwriter and producer.  I'm currently doing the solo indie rock thing and recording/producing new artists, as well as playing guitar with country music artist Jessica Lynn.  There's lots of music here, along with pictures, videos and more...so come on in and take a look around.  And if you'd like to keep in touch, please like/follow me at the social media links, and you'll also get a free song to download if you just enter your email address in the box to the right (and of course, I promise not to clog your inbox).  


To our Veterans... 

I just wanted to take a moment on Veteran's Day to say a big and heartfelt THANK YOU to all the men and women of our armed forces.  Your bravery, your commitment and the ongoing sacrifices you make are what real heroes are all about.  

When Jessica Lynn and the rest of us in the band filmed our most recent PBS concert special, we were honored with the presence of a number of veterans, who joined us onstage during our version of Neil Diamond's "America."  The song never did make the final cut of the show that was aired on PBS, so I wanted to share it with you here today.


Meet Harsh Crowd 

One of the things I love doing the most is getting to work with young musicians and bands, which I've had the opportunity to do in the studio a couple of times this year.  

So it's my pleasure to introduce you to Harsh Crowd...

They're a group of 14-year-old women with whom I've been producing an EP - Better - which is out now. They write powerful and catchy songs that are well beyond their years, and what's really cool is that people are starting to take notice.  Check this out...All of this has just been in the past week - excited to see what's ahead for the band.  And tonight, I'm heading to Irving Plaza in NYC to see them open for The Julie Ruin (what a great pairing -going to be an awesome show). 

And finally - here's where you can find Harsh Crowd on iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/better-ep/id1170297270

If you like what you hear, I'd like to ask that you please support independent music and download their EP.   It's only $4.99...you'd spend that on a latte, but instead you get some awesome new music, and the knowledge that you helped support a young band as they start their career.  Truly a "win-win."

Thanks - you rock...

Fighting the heroin epidemic through music 

The heroin epidemic is a serious threat to society, with young, talented, beautiful kids losing their lives every single day. Eight years ago, super-talented 17-year-old singer/songwriter/musician Justin Veatch lost his life to heroin, which prompted his father, Jeffrey Veatch, to start to the The Justin Veatch Fund to educate teens and young adults about the perils of substance abuse...while inspiring them to focus on the arts. The Fund advocates music education and runs a number of incredible programs to foster growth in young musicians.  

Jeffrey travels around the country, giving multimedia presentations that educate, inform, and inspire teenagers everywhere. There is also a documentary about Justin called "Whispering Spirits" that you can watch online here - http://www.whispering-spirits.com

I'm proud to be associated with the Justin Veatch Fund, for whom I've played a few benefits over the years. This year, I'm involved in their annual fundraising concert being held at The Paramount Hudson Valley Theater in Peekskill, NY on Sat., Oct. 15. The show stars "Live At The Fillmore" - a band of incredible musicians who recreate the Allman Brothers album of the same name in its entirety. Opening are the "Justin Veatch Fund All Stars"  (who also perform as "Gilbert") - a group of insanely talented teenagers with whom I have the pleasure of coaching for this performance. They're pretty amazing - you have to see them! 

It's going to be a fantastic evening of music, with a very important message and all for a strong cause. I rarely come out and ask for things directly...but in this case, I'd like to ask my friends to please support this important effort to help spread the word about the perils of drug addiction...and you'll get to see one helluva concert at the same time. 

Here's a link about the show and ticket info, and I hope to see you there! Thanks :) 


Back from the road 

Just returned yesterday from five weeks touring with the Jessica Lynn band, during which we traveled nearly 8,500 miles, visited 20 states, and played a bunch of fun shows for so many great crowds.  Two things I love about being on the road - seeing so much of the United States (we truly live in a beautiful country); and meeting so many awesome people.  Made lots of memories, and new friends, on this tour.

But another great thing about a tour, no matter how fun or successful it is, is coming home.   Feels great to be back, and I can't wait to get back to work on a few different unfinished projects...including producing a new EP for all-girl group Harsh Crowd, and also finally recording a few of my own new songs.  Looking at probably releasing an EP this year.  I'm ready - how about you?

"Not Your Woman" - first Jessica Lynn video and single 

Greetings from a freezing-cold New York.  Wind chill was -15 when I walked the dogs this morning.  Good times.  

It's been a busy year so far, having been on the road for most of January (including some great shows at NAMM in Southern CA, and then up north in the Bay Area).  We're gearing up for some dates starting again in mid-March, but in the meantime, I wanted to let you know that Jessica Lynn's new single "Not Your Woman" (on which I'm playing guitar and keyboards) was just released today, along with her first music video (directed by Stevie Glass). 

Here are the links: 

"Not Your Woman" video on YouTube  

"Not Your Woman" single on iTunes 

Please let me know what you think, and if you like it, please share the links with your friends! 

Thanks...and stay warm!

Goodbye, and hello... 

Hello - it's been a while!  Can't believe it's already time to say "Goodbye" to 2015, and I've clearly been lax in my keeping up with this blog. (Hmmm, I sense my first New Year's resolution).  But anyway...

It's been another whirlwind year playing guitar and keyboards in the Jessica Lynn Band.  We saw our concert film "Takin' Over" air on PBS stations nationwide; heard the first single "Turn The Key" on many country radio stations; and played more shows this year than ever before.   But the real highlight was our summer tour, where we played everything from huge festivals (opening for the likes of Keith Urban, Clint Black, Thompson Square, and a whole lot more) to intimate clubs...playing 23 shows in 20 states over 30 days.  It was an amazing experience, and in particular, it was great to meet so many of you out there on the road. 

But now it's time to look ahead, and I'm ready to say "HELLO" to 2016.  There be more interesting developments with Jessica Lynn -- including the release of her first EP and music video, along with more touring (including a brief CA run during January)...but I also wanted to let you know that I'll be releasing my first new material in quite a while.  I've been in the studio writing, and I'm finally ready to start laying down tracks.  Not exactly sure yet what direction or format it's going to take, as I'm feeling influences come in from all over the place...but that's part of the adventure.  I'm just going to start planting the seeds, and we'll see what grows. 

If it's your first time visiting here, please go ahead and join my email list (form is on the home page), and you'll get a free download as my way of saying "thanks," and I'll keep you up-to-date on the latest developments (but not too often - I promise not to abuse your inbox!).

So, I hope you're having a great Holiday season...and have an awesome New Years!  See you in 2016...


Hitting the road... 

There's been lots of activity in the Jessica Lynn camp!  We were in Southern CA for NAMM, where we played a bunch of shows, and are now prepping new material that we're going to debut next Friday, February 27th, at Daryl Hall's awesome new club - Daryl's House.  (Some tickets are still available here).

But what we're really excited about is...we are hitting the road again this summer for a national tour.  We already have a few dates booked, including a few at large country festivals (opening for such huge country stars at Keith Urban).  But, it's REALLY costly to keep a 9-piece band on the road..so we're asking for your help.

To fund the tour, we've launch a Pledge Music campaign, and Jessica is offering a lot of really cool and unique items in return for your support...signed CDs and DVDs, set lists, handwritten lyrics, band rehearsals, private shows, personalized songs, a signed guitar and lots more. Every pledge helps, so please check it out and become part of this tour!

Thanks, my friends...


Goodbye 2014, Hello... 

...2015!   This past year was certainly an exciting one, with lots of great studio work, touring and more.  And here's a little musical reflection (and confession) from a couple of years ago...an acoustic, in-the-studio live version of "The End of Another Year," from my most recent solo album "My Plastic World."

But with 2014 nearly behind us, 2015 is going to be filled with lots of new music, video and a whole lotta shows all over the country.  Thanks for sticking by me here, and hope to see you out there.



Daryl's House! 

Last night, the Jessica Lynn Band had the honor of being asked to play at Daryl's House...the new music venue in Pawling, NY recently opened by Daryl Hall.  They've built the place to look exactly like the music room in his house where his popular "Live from Daryl's House" is filmed, and the attention to detail is amazing...especially the work they put into making it an incredible sounding room.  Amazing gear, and the guys who run it (including Pete and Gary) work on Daryl's show with him.  (And THANKS guys!)

We had an incredible (and loud!) SRO crowd, and to boot, it was my birthday yesterday.  Not only did I get birthday cake backstage, but Jessica led the audience in a chorus of "Happy Birthday" for me.  Feeling truly blessed...love this band, and our fans.

Next up...we're doing a special, stripped down "Acoustic Country Christmas" performance this Friday, 12/12 at The Paramount Hudson Valley Theater.  Fun times...hope to see you there!

Winding Up The Year 

....and what a year it's been!  In 2014, I hit the road with the Jessica Lynn Band, playing large country music festivals across the county.  Earlier this fall, we filmed a concert at The Paramount Hudson Valley Theater (in Peekskill, NY), which was our largest headlining show to date.  The show is being made into a PBS-TV concert special, and will air early next year on PBS stations nationwide.  Also early next year, you'll find us on the West Coast playing a string of dates, with plans being made now for another extended summer 2015 tour.  Exciting times, my friends!  If you'd like to be kept up-to-date on my own solo activities, as well as those with Jessica -- go ahead and give me your email address to join the email list (there's a signup form right here on the home page)!

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