Fighting the heroin epidemic through music

The heroin epidemic is a serious threat to society, with young, talented, beautiful kids losing their lives every single day. Eight years ago, super-talented 17-year-old singer/songwriter/musician Justin Veatch lost his life to heroin, which prompted his father, Jeffrey Veatch, to start to the The Justin Veatch Fund to educate teens and young adults about the perils of substance abuse...while inspiring them to focus on the arts. The Fund advocates music education and runs a number of incredible programs to foster growth in young musicians.  

Jeffrey travels around the country, giving multimedia presentations that educate, inform, and inspire teenagers everywhere. There is also a documentary about Justin called "Whispering Spirits" that you can watch online here -

I'm proud to be associated with the Justin Veatch Fund, for whom I've played a few benefits over the years. This year, I'm involved in their annual fundraising concert being held at The Paramount Hudson Valley Theater in Peekskill, NY on Sat., Oct. 15. The show stars "Live At The Fillmore" - a band of incredible musicians who recreate the Allman Brothers album of the same name in its entirety. Opening are the "Justin Veatch Fund All Stars"  (who also perform as "Gilbert") - a group of insanely talented teenagers with whom I have the pleasure of coaching for this performance. They're pretty amazing - you have to see them! 

It's going to be a fantastic evening of music, with a very important message and all for a strong cause. I rarely come out and ask for things directly...but in this case, I'd like to ask my friends to please support this important effort to help spread the word about the perils of drug addiction...and you'll get to see one helluva concert at the same time. 

Here's a link about the show and ticket info, and I hope to see you there! Thanks :)

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