"Mind Blown Open showcases Steven Wright-Mark’s sweet, earnest voice, reminiscent of James Taylor (or, for those with long memories, Paramus’ one-hit wonder Dean Friedman). The production and arrangement perfectly frame the track, which begins with a lovely, sweeping melody and then darkens in the bridge, like a thunderstorm erupting on sunny dayThe traumatic event that leaves the narrator’s “mind blown open” reveals a world of color and possibility: “With my mind blown open from the things I’ve seen, there’s no black or white, only in between,” he sings. An angelic chorus and a solo piano bring the song to a dramatic but uplifting conclusion. This is a first-rate piece of songwriting, impeccably performed and recorded."
Jim Testa, The Jersey Journal


"If you need to refresh your artist roster a bit, we've got some fresh material with Steven Wright-Mark's 'Mind Blown Open.'  The track has a nice essence - a good combination of pop sounds, with beats that intermingle between blocks of hard rock or alternative rock, a fusion that has gone very well. I just turned up the volume."
Zone Nights (Argentina)


"Steven Wright-Mark - Wake Up!  -- This EP is the first new music from NYC's Steven Wright-Mark since 2012's Plastic World, and it's great to have him back even if it's only four tunes. But it's a case of quality over quantity as all four tracks are pop gems that will appeal to fans of Cliff Hillis and Michael Carpenter. "Just a Dream" features a great call-and-response chorus, "Runaway, Baby" adds some Tom Petty influence to the mix, and "Whisper in the Wind" is a top-notch ballad. But the lead single "Underground" is worth the price of admission alone, one of 2020's best songs to date. It's a thinly-veiled commentary on the state of things today, but is anything but preachy and features handclaps and an irresistible chorus. A shoo-in for my year-end EP list."
Absolute Powerpop


"It’s very clear from the start of his infectious track 'Underground' that Wright-Mark knows how to pen a catchy song, but it’s at the chorus where the songwriter throws a knockout punch with an infectious chorus that channels some of the best power-pop artists of our time such as Fountains Of Wayne and the late Adam Schlesinger."

We All Want Someone To Shout For


"Hey, let’s end on with a guaranteed ear worm. I know I name-drop Fountains of Wayne a lot but Steven Wright-Mark sounds like he’s channeling a lost deep cut from Welcome Interstate Managers with 'Underground,' from his recent EP Wake Up!  If I had a Poprock Record chart this one would definitely be zooming up it. The vocal delivery, the background instrumentation with that seductive Gotye feel, it all adds up to ‘hit single’ to me."

Poprock Record


"Steven Wright-Mark sure loves the big riff. “I Wanna” and “On Your Turntable” is lead by dominant riffs that would be comfortable on a classic Matthew Sweet album. Especially sweet is the layered vocals of “Almost Summer” it echos of Cheap Trick and The Posies. “That Star” is a fuzzy guitar grower, about his dreams of pop star greatness. Talent this good isn’t easily restrained so crank up the volume and enjoy it.”
Power Popaholic

“NYC's Steven Wright-Mark is back with his first release since 2008's Sideshow Freak, and he picks right up where he left off with his Matthew Sweet-meets-Elvis Costello blend of singer-songwriter pop. "I Wanna" bolts out of the gate with a swagger that's both mission statement and an electric power pop number, "Almost Summer" channels Fountains of Wayne, and Wright-Mark shows off his sardonic sense of humor with "My Friends Are Trash". Elsewhere, "Lean" sounds like a lost Tommy Keene classic, and closer "Your Name" might be the best pure pop on the album. It's Steven Wright-Mark's plastic world, and we're all living in it.”
Absolute Powerpop

“I am a complete sucker for high-quality power pop, so my discovery of Steven Wright-Mark a year or two ago was a very happy moment for me. If your patrons go for crunchy guitars, soaring melodies and swooningly pretty harmonies, then coming across this (his third album) will be a happy moment for them too. Hand-sell it to anyone wearing a Cheap Trick t-shirt.”
Rick Anderson - CD Hotlist

“If you're a fan of the sweet lyrical hooks of power pop powered by amazing guitar riffs and changes you don't see coming, My Plastic World will score well in your real world. The entire CD is a home run, and is easily one of the top three CDs I've heard in 2012.”
Eriz Broz - Just Another Crappy Opinionated Music Blog

“Sideshow Freak opens with a few bars of a calliope before guitars crash into a Foo Fighter/Simple Minds-like pop masterpiece. Hook-filled, deceptively simple tunes, like "Choirboy," grab the imagination and wash away the sour taste of a bad day.”
Lyn Dunagan - Caught In The Carousel

“Influences include Jellyfish, The Cars, The Beatles, Matthew Sweet, Fountains Of Wayne, distortion pedals, hand claps, unrequited love, and scorching guitar solos. Dedicated to adding fuzzy guitar riffs and tongue-in-cheek lyrics to the almighty powerpop.”
75 or Less

“Toss in some Beatles, a handful of Cheap Trick, a dash of David Bowie, a pinch of Teenage Fanclub, two parts Matthew Sweet, a tablespoon of The Posies, a 1/2 cup of Jellyfish…and I am now enjoying a healthy serving of Sideshow Freak, the new opus from Steven Wright-Mark.”
Rock Sellout

“Perfect nuggets of crunchy-sweet goodness, even more impressive as he sings and plays all instruments on this fantastic album. If you remember the Smithereens, the dBs with fondness, or wish the Rubinoos had more muscle, if you love singing harmonies in the car, this disc is for you.”
CD Hotlist

“Steven Wright-Mark has it down to what seems like a science. His music is like throwing a handful of my favorite CDs against the wall, taking the largest bits that remain and constructing something beautiful from the aftermath.”
Rock Sellout

“Hits all the power pop sweet spots with a sound reminiscent of Matthew Sweet combined with Elvis Costello. Standouts include "Change", "Baby's Coming Home", "Because of You" and "The Real You",”
Absolute Powerpop

“Immediately fell in love with his music-perhaps you will too. He is another artist that does all the writing, producing, and playing of all the instruments. If you like Jellyfish, I think you'll enjoy his work.”